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for you. andrea fujii has more on the democratic contest. and derek valcourt is live downtown on the developing news for the city state's attorney. good morning, derek. >> reporter: no one's claiming victory yet in this case and we'll look at the numbers. challenger bernstein is up with 29,000 votes. jessamy has 28,000 votes. the problem is, there are still several thousand of the uncounted and early votes. and all of the votes could make a major difference and that's why, right now, the race is too close to call. as the results begin trickling in, bernstein greeted supporters. >> public safety is a right and people appreciate that and that's why we've gotten the level of support that we have. >> reporter: his support is the strongest opposition jessamy faced. >> we're confident that the voters elected the best person. so, we'll await the return. >> reporter: jessamy spent much of her campaign playing defense as bernstein launched aggressive attacks. people are getting away from murder because jessamy failed to convict them. >> reporter: bernstein wanted voters to connect the
. the police get a call about a suspicious man and before they know it, they're under attack. derek valcourt is live at kings sport square shopping center with the latest. good afternoon, derek. >> reporter: police say that man was emotionally december straight and -- distraught. that's why they were culled out here. someone reported a suspicious person on liberty and marriottsville road. when the first officer arrived, he didn't have to find the suspect, the suspect found him. >> we found the office -- upon the officer getting out of the car, the suspect attacked the officer. there was a struggle over the officer's weapon. >> reporter: as the suspect tried grabbing the gun, a second officer arrived and shot the suspect in the chest twice. councilman lives nearby and heard the commotion. >> i was in my office and my wife yelled down you better see what's going on. >> reporter: he says they don't often have crime problems and the police are collecting everybody as they learn more about the suspect. >> reporter: for now, the police aren't saying much about the suspect, only that he's in critic
them in but they just don't know. >> derek mcginty has been down there since shortly after the standoff began and he's live there at the scene to anchor from there. derek, fill us in on what you know. >> reporter: well it's been an afternoon unlike any other here in downtown silver spring. frankly there's never been anything like this. as you heard minutes ago, this thing basically seems to have come to an abrupt end. at 4:48 this afternoon, according to montgomery county police, they shot the suspect. why did she shoot him? apparently he was becoming more agitated. they believed the hostages were in danger. they said when they shot him a explosive device went off. and they weren't able to tell us anything with the size of the blast but there was concern that perhaps backpacks brought in by the suspect are still in the building and thru -- and therefore the building is not safe. the only thing that is safe are the hostages. they say as of now there is no injuries there. and they have to clean the building out. they told us he's in custody. does that mean he's in custody? is he in the ho
a nearly four-hour standoff, tonight that gunman is dead. >>> i'm derek mcginty live at the corner of solesville road and wayne avenue in silver spring, maryland, where it's been a very long day which ended with the shooting of that hostage-taker. a man named james lee walked into the discovery building and perhaps fired a shot. we are waiting for confirmation on that. he took three hostages and held them for four hours and then police opened fire and killed him. delia gonsalves has been here with me much of the afternoon. she gives us more on the details on how it went down. >> it has been a very chaotic day. a lot of questions are still unanswered at this point but we do know thankfully that the three hostages, all men, who were held by the gunman for nearly four hours are now home and are now safe. earlier today, it was a pretty hectic scene as folks were spilling out of discovery channel. a lot of buildings around here were on lockdown as well. we're even told there were several dozen children who were in a day care center on the bottom floor of discovery channel, they were eva
complete coverage continues with derek valcourt. he is at the scene. he joins us live, via the phone. >>> there is a lot of tension. obviously, a lot of questions for employees of discovery communications who want to know exactly what is going on inside their building. many people were at work around 1:00 this afternoon, when an announcement came over the loud speaker, telling them to make themselves secure in their office. then a massive e-mail went out, at about 1:20, warning them to lock themselves down in their office. if there was some potential danger in the building. another e-mail went out at about 1:52, trying to explain to employees how they would be able to get out. all of the employees were taken up to the top floor of the 7th, 8th, and 9th floor of the building. and then they were all escorted out a fire escape. right now, police are here on the scene. they are briefing the media. i'll have an update for you in just a few moments. >> derek valcourt, reporting live from the phone. the discovery is a very busy section of silver spring. bruce johnson filed this report a sho
another hospital suspected of performing unnecessary procedures. we're live in mt. vernon. derek valcourt has more. >> reporter: hi, jessica, state officials say their investigation is still in the early stages and it could be some time before the patients know if they were subjected to unnecessary medical preesier -- procedures. >> reporter: they're investigating a second unnamed maryland hospital to determine if unnecessary procedures were performed on patients. >>> we've asked for another review of another hospital. if i wanted to name the hospital, i would have named it in the report. at this point work we're maintaining that confidentiality. >> reporter: st. joseph's came under review after 600 patients had unnecessary stints in their bodies stints are small devices that open blocked arteries. earlier this year, wjz spoke with this woman who didn't want to be identified. , i don't feel comfortable with having two stints in me that shouldn't have been there, this is my life. >> reporter: the current report doesn't identify the hospital or position or the procedures under review. they
the pilot and a phone call to boyfriend derek jeter to calm her down. it's always a phone call to derek jeter to calm her down. and now sheer saying that it wasn't to derek jeter. >> she's denying that she had a meltdown in general, aren't you? well, coach, gas. i don't know about her allegation. >> you're jealous. >> why, because she's with derek jeter? of course not. i have no problem with that. >>> stay tuned. way too early with willie geist starts right now. >>> weeks after the controversy over the islamic cultural center near ground zero became a national story, the imam behind the project speaks out in an op-ed. the question is, what did he have to say to the families of the 9/11 victims? >>> meanwhile, president obama is preparing a big economic speech where he'll speak out against the bush tax cuts for the country's wealthiest families. will president obama persuade members of his own party? >>> and speculation this morning that after the retirement of chicago mayor richard daley, president obama could lose one of his right hand men to that
the warnings and advisories. you'll find them at don, back to you. >> we continue with derek valcourt live in dundalk. good afternoon, derek. >> reporter: this is north point road here. you can see the water level is high. we're in an area of the road that has been closed off just about 15, 20 minutes ago the water was much higher. as we pulled up a police had just finished pulling a car through. someone tried to go through it. they shouldn't have. they got stuck. police say this scene has been playing out all over maryland. by morning several roads had been washed out and a number of drivers had to be rescued after their cars were stuck in the reising waters. >> kept on going and within seconds she's floating. rolling the windows down saying help me, help me. >> reporter: the water backed up so bad that some neighborhoods had major basement flooding. so your basement is essentially flooded? >> yes. it's gone. i'm due in march and i had tons of baby stuff down there. >> reporter: people had live in this trailer park say this is good compared to how it was a short time ago. some of the
coming up at 5:30 and 6:00. back to you. >> derek, thank you so much for those important updates. wjz complete coverage continues now. captain mike perry is over the scene for us. mike, can -- what can you tell us, the situation just ending. >> yeah, we just heard that. we didn't notice anything significant until we heard derek say the suspect was shot. we saw three tactical officers walk into the front of the building. we did not see anyone that looked like a civilian or a hostage walk out from this side. and this is the georgia avenue side. it is unclear at this point where police have evacuated those hostages. apparently still an ongoing situation. because whatever the man had strapped to him, they are treating as if it were a potential explosive device. and that is why they are keeping everything cordoned off at this point. we have seen no -- [ inaudible ] especially if they weren't wearing tactical gear, walk toward the building. what you're seeing now is retie -- pretty much staut status quo. police holding here. the tactical unit and bomb squad continues to do their job. back t
that his name is james lee. derek mcginty is leading the team coverage from the scene where the press conference just wrapped up, derek, and we learned a lot. >> reporter: okay. all right. yes, well, lesli, pretty amazing scene here. just a few minutes ago i was kidding about getting dribs and drabs of information, we just got a whole boat load of information a few minutes ago about what happened. at 1:00 this afternoon the suspect entered here. we know it is james lee. he had a gun. we believe that he may have fired a shot. they have not yet confirmed whether he he did. he took three hostages. one of them ironically a security guard. but the folks from discovery, david levy, said he was not armed. he took the security guard and two other folks who were randomly in the hallway at that time. after that we wept through the whole event of the day, the evacuation and then finally later on they say they shot him at 4:48 when he pulled out the handgun and appeared to point it at one of the hostages. that is when the police tactical teams moved in and fired and killed him and then one of the
the evacuations related to the system. we begin however with derek valcourt with baltimore county where first responders have been making rescues all day. derek? >> reporter: all over this side, the eastern side of baltimore county, we are here in the rosedale area just off route 40 a while ago. the water would have been up against mid-chest level which is why route 40 in this section was shut down literally. the water is wandering over the median creating a few problems. the water rushed into the parking lot of this tire shop over here. dozens of the tires literally rolled out into the streets. the problems here, just the tip of the iceberg. from dundalk to anne arundel county, the rains fell too fast for many creeks, streams and storm drains to keep up with. >> i didn't believe it at first until i got down here. >> reporter: route 40 shut down for hours. the scene of a rescue after a driver tried to pass through the floodwaters which quickly rose over the jersey walls. >> i can't believe people are so stupid. you guys are telling everybody be careful around standing water, you know, everyth
at the station. derek and anita. >> thank you for that. >>> in the meantime, mayor adrian fenty is trying to make the most of his primary day. he joined dozens of supporters hoping to gain some needed extra support at the 11th hour. this is video just minutes before they shut down the polls for tonight. >> we are live at the headquarters where they have been waiting for results. >> reporter: derek, i can barely hear you because of the noise here. let me give you a couple of things, in terms of the turnout light to moderate, people here are very encouraged by that. they think that means that vincent gray wasn't able to get his vote out in 7, 8 and perhaps even ward five. they think that is a big boost for the mayor. the other thing, special ballots. thousands upon thousands of special ballots have been generated because of the new rules that brittany has been talking about. so that also posed a problem here. as for what is going on, they seem confident and here is what we heard just a short time ago from some of the people gathered outside the headquarters. are you confident he's going to win this
this evening is not over, not by a long shot. back to you. >> you're right, derek. the other thing that was interesting that david leavy's mentioned in this post-9/11 world is that this is a building that has done drills to get out of the building. they floor captains. they let the floor know what happened. you need to know this is where we're going and this is where we're evacuating. and it is something that many office buildings and many of us are doing this now that we're in the new reality. >> there is a different vantage point of "discovery" there in the middle of silver springs. people, employees, who evacuated there quickly about 1:00, 130, after all of this started, still some waiting to get back in. we understand that the police have units and making sure there are no other dangerous explosives. this suspect was believed to have brought in boxes and backpacks with him and they're checking those out and probably canvassing the entire building to make sure that it is safe before people go back inside to collect some of their valuable that they need. >> and there is no timeta
leukemia. anita. >> that's right, derek. scientists are in shock. as the national institutes of health put 62 pending stem cell projects on hold and more than 200 other studies happening now could be in future jeopardy. the reason a federal court in dc ruled a 1996 budget law, congress' intent was crystal clear. federal money cannot be spent on research. now, as you mentioned, derek, this could wipe out the childhood research leukemia. this is a court decision. some are applauding it, saying it could delay cures and cost lives. so obviously a lot of strong feelings on both sides. this doesn't apply to privately funded research or studies that use stem cells that don't come from human embryos. >>> thank you, anita. >>> after the break. topper is back with your forecast for this thursday commute. so stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon. time for football on verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd quality. that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel. and get an alert any time my team enters the red zone. and then watch
would react. derek will have more tomorrow night. share your thoughts at mcginty's mail bag. >>> a thousand local students took to the fedex field today to fight childhood obesity. try to set a guinness world record for the largest virtual exercise record. no word yet if they were successful. you can always learn more about fighting childhood obesity at click on the lighten up icon. >>> still ahead, how long can this weather last? topper is coming back with your full forecast. >>> first, millions of folks are waiting in unemployment lines these days. we'll tell you about a new resource that could help them find jobs. that's coming up next. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? >>> unemployment rose to 9.6% in august. across the country, unemployment rose in 27 states, fell in 13. state unchanged in ten states and the distric
on 495. >> that's right. in the past 15 minutes, derek, back to back crashes we're seeing here. starting off on the inner loop, north side of town at georgia. this accident has two right lanes taken away for drivers. see something delays from old georgetown road to the scene about 25 minutes right now. moving on to the south side, another crash on the inner loop. this is st. barnabus road. and drivers losing two right lanes here. switching to the live camera across the wilson bridge over to route 1 in alexandria. delays from 395 to route 1. that's the scene of another accident. so be careful out there. it will cause some commuting trouble in the later hour of the rush hour. derek, back to you. >> thank you much. >>> and topper is here with your 9 forecast. so nice outside, top, i got my car washed. >> i may change the forecast because of that. we're okay tonight. no problems. here is your forecast first now. start out clear and skies partly cloudy. comfortable and not as cool as it has been. 55-65 downtown and winds southeasterly at 10. right now temperatures downtown, 80 downtown, 79 up
last night at 11:00, the news comes from a state report just released. wjz is live. derek valcourt explains, a lot of people want to know which hospital is under investigation this time around. derek? >> that's the question a lot of people have today. but right now, state officials robot ready -- aren't ready to answer it just yet. >> reporter: the maryland department of health and mental hygiene get data from across the state. and it led to another investigation in a second hospital. that the state's health secretary isn't saying which one. >> once the report is done and that becomes public, we'll help folks know about it. >> nearly 600 patients may have had unnecessary stents placed in their body by a cardiologist who previously practiced there. stents are small devices that opened blocked arteries. earlier this year, wjz spoke to one of the affected patients who asked to keep her identity private. >> i just went in for a routine checkup. and i felt that i didn't have a blockage. and i was really surprised that he told me i had a blockage and he put two stents in. >> reporter: th
are certainly not done with the storm. i have a lot more coming up. >> first warning coverage. derek valcourt has been in the storm all day. derek? >> reporter: it has been a wet and soggy afternoon. what a difference just a few hours makes here on route 40. if i were here just a few hours ago, i could have showed you i would have been up to my chin in water right now. this that's the difference. this entire area was washed out. things are turning back to normal along route 40. this has been one wet and soggy afternoon for much of maryland. the relentless rains with visibility low. in glenn bernie, cars unable to cross furnace brook road. drivers took their chances on nursery road before police could stop them. >> we're probably going to shut it off there. >> reporter: some of the worst flooding on dun duck. many roads washed out and many drivers stranded. >> she just kept going and within seconds she's floating rolling the window down yelling and screaming help me, help me. all i could do was laugh. >> reporter: major flooding where water rose above the jersey wall. and nearby? >> i've never
. it's taken a new turn today. some are calling it a big political announcement. derek valcourt has more on it. >> reporter: we were telling you about the endorsement for jess my and -- jessamy. bernstein also gets one of his own. >> reporter: as pat jessamy seeks another term, she faces the toughest election yet. bernstein has earned the support of the top cop and warren brown, now, billy murphy says he's the right man for the job. >> she's had a failed tenure for the state's attorney. there's been so many disasters in that office and so many failed opportunities. it's time for baltimore to get something better than that. >> reporter: jessamy put up a fight of her own. >> i'm tough, smart, and truthful. >> as jessamy took over, violent crime is down 59%. >> if he's arrest -- elected, he'll take us back 60 years. >> saying bernstein would take us back 60 years harkens to the racist times. that was inappropriate. >> reporter: pat jessamy is saying that's not what she meant, she said she was talking about bernstein's position on intervention programs. she never brought race up as a di
are talking about today. fast moving flames are keeping most of the firefighters busy in baltimore. derek valcourt has the latest or not in fact -- on the investigation. >> reporter: most of the homes here, gutted by the fire and investigators say they belief the wind and the dry weather conditions may have played a roll in the major fires that ripped through baltimore's westside yesterday. >> this is the first of three fires that started within two hours over two city blocks monday afternoon. >> my clothes are smoked up. my room, my bedroom's smoked up from the back. >> reporter: we captured the start of the second fire across from the first home. three home rows and the blaze and wind is likely the cause. >> it could have played a factor in the second point. when the initial companies arrived, there was heavy fire and smoke conditions. the embers could have blown on to one of the other homes. >> reporter: 140 firefighters saturated the area and shut down the streets. there's another call two blocks away and arson isn't ruled out. [ indiscernible ] >> they don't know however it's going t
. back to you on tv hill. >> first warning weather conditions. derek valcourt is live with the problems in baltimore county. >> reporter: we had waist high water earlier. really hit hard as many of the areas along the bay. we have seen torrential rains, washed out roads and flooded homes and business. blame it all on the relentless rain, visibility is low in glen burn ni, cars were unable to cross. in light thy couple. >> we'll probably shut it off. >> reporter: some of the worst around dundalk and essex. >> kept on going and within seconds exploded, yelling help me, help me. >> reporter: major flooding shut down rosedale. nearby -- >> i've never seen it this high oar are more homes and business flood. these waters have started rising -- had started rising at 9:00 in the morning. you can see how much debris has been carried away boit torrential rains. >> the water was up to the top of the bed of the white pickup truck. all those cars were under water. >> reporter: overwhelmed storms and creeks caused schools to close early. north point road hit especially hard. small neighborhoods becam
is there as well. he continues our team coverage. bruce. >> reporter: hey, derek. we're out on the boardwalk. we're about seven hours out from the height of the storm here in virginia beach. and so far the situation fairly manageable here. we've had just a little bit of rain. and wind gusts up to about 14.5 miles an hour on the gauge. we are hoping and city officials are expecting that earl will pass about 150 miles out that way. >> life is short. we're from new jersey. we're having some fun here and we're going to stay. >> reporter: in a hurricane, there are those who stay. >> take care. >> reporter: those who flee. >> we don't want to take any chances. >> reporter: and those who come running. >> he's not in town. where is he? we're bummed. >> reporter: the lifeguards ordered everyonef the water around 7:00 p.m., but that didn't keep people off atlanta avenue or the beach walk. >> i would like to see the waves higher. >> my daughter said i want it to hit us. i have a house. my roof is going to blow off. somebody has to pay for the roof. >> reporter: that is not good. back now live, the bars are
>> i'm denise koch. >> a man shoot has doctor and barricades himself in. derek valcourt with more. jessica kartalija speaks with the witness feet from the shooting and mike schuh and as more. >> the doctor is expected to survive. let's go to derek valcourt are more on how the situation started and how it ended. >> reporter: earlier today a s.w.a.t. team moved in trying to remove the man who had barricaded himself inside the room after shooting his mother's doctor. gunfire inside the johns hopkins building sent people scrambling. the doctor was shot by 50-year- old paul warren pardus. the doctor was trying to explain to pardus his mother's medical condition when pardus became emotionally distraught and shot the doctor. >> was last seen running. >>> the run -- running into the room. >> police s.w.a.t. teams moved in, while trying to allow business to resume. police tried to contact pardus to get him surround but they soon realized he had already shot his mother in the head and took his own life. >> we are treating this case as a -- as a murder sue side and the shooting of this docto
to return and interring today, he was 14 for 25, and batting .560 against derek lowe. could he continue that? and led off the game for the nats and trys to stretch this to a double and wins. that was the good news and the nats with 15 base runners today and to that the left. comes up to score and from maya in the sixth and alex gonzalez, agon, do you have to say that? and up 5-0. did it feel good to be back in the swing of things? >> and that is -- to get the boys going there and get off the back and, you know, we have to work as a team and try to finish it off strong. >>> and taking to janson, and winning 22nd of the year and os up 4-3 and billion of 11. mark henderson is tall and his pitches are fat and crushed by lyle overbay and out of the park. a walkoff home run and wins five-4. and how about soccer? d.c. united, the 29th minute and nice moves. and right there and the fifth of the year and united up 1-0 and cameron, heads it past perkins and up 2-1, winning 3- 1. >>> off the wall next, wisdom martin and talking about die angelo hall and the controversial comments. >>> and we're talking
. cohen. derek valcourt is following what happened. mike schuh and andrea fujii has reaction. we begin with derek valcourt for an update on the identity of the gunman. >> reporter: police identified him as 50-year-old paul warren hardis of arlington, virginia. he has been responsible for creating hours of chaos here at one of the world's most prominent hospitals. police say just after 11:00 this morning, a patient's son became emotionally distraught as a doctor explained to him his mother's medical condition. the son then pulled out a gun and shot the doctor. >> collapsed outside the doorway of the room, and mr. davis was last seen running into the room brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother, who's confined to the bed. >> reporter: hospital employees were alerted to the danger as dozens of patients and employees were evacuated. police secured the eighth floor as they tried to establish contact with davis and allowed business as usual to continue in the rest of the massive complex until police finally determined davis had shot his mother in the head and then took his own
live above the scene for us. >> we heard derek say that the suspect had been shot. the police armored personnel was facing the opposite direction a few moments ago. we saw three tactical officers walk into the building. we did not sigh anyone that looked like a civilian or hostage, walk out from this side. and this is the georgia avenue side. it is unclear at this point where police have evacuated those hostages. apparently still an ongoing situation. because whatever the man had strapped to him, they are treating as if it were a potential explosive device. and that is why they are still keeping everything cordoned off at this point. what you're seeing now is pretty much status quo. police maintaining their cordon around the building. keeping citizens out. and police holding steady here. as the tactical unit and bomb squad continues to do their job. >> our complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija, with more on the suspect. jessica? >> reporter: mayor james lee was well known to discover channel employees. he frequently protested outside the building, upset that the channel i
. derek valcourt is following what happened. mike schuh and andrea fujii have reaction. wjz is live at the scene with the story we've been following since just before noontime. we begin with derek valcourt. >> reporter: it has been a chaotic situation here at one of the country's most prominent hospitals as a gunman was inside his room upset with the care that his mother was receiving, shot his doctor and then later we learned shot himself and his mother. police say 50-year-old warren davis shot a doctor on the eighth floor of the nelson building in the massive johns hopkins hospital complex after he became emotionally distraught over his mother's medical condition. the doctor collapsed just outside the doorway of the room, and mr. davis was last seen running into the room brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother, who was confined to the bed. >> reporter: hospital employees were alerted to the danger as dozens of patients and employees were evacuated. police secured the eighth floor as they tried to establish contact with davis and allow business to continue in the res
parkway between the two beltways. more traffic on-line at derek, back to you. >>> well, topper is here with the nine forecast first the return of the sweater weather. >> really is. a fight in the air once the -- bite in the air once the sun goes down. if you are heading to high school football i would grab a sweater or jacket. skies are almost clear. grab a sweater. in the 50s and winds out of the north at ten. mid-70s downtown, low 70s in the suburbs but don't let that deceive you because when the sun goes down, the temperatures will fall like a stone once again. we will come back and talk about the weather for the terse and redskins game next. >>> mayor fenty fires back after vincent gray asks for an investigation in tomei your's campaign. -- investigation in to the mayor's >>> checking out the wonders of the university of maryland robotics labs. up next, president obama takes to the air waves to sell the public on his new economic plan. how that might affect you when 9 news now returns. oh. hee! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] the foaming power of antibacterial scrubbing bubb
in the seventh. it appears derek jeter gets hit with the ball. but take a look, the ball hit the butt end of jeter's bat. the manager came out to argue the case and he was sent for an early shower. wouldn't you know it. next batter, curtis granderson hit his 18th homer of the year. two-run bomb puts the yanks up 3-2. it wouldn't last for long. stan johnson hit his second home ripped his second two-run homer of the night. the rays were up, 4-3. now to the ninth, tying run on third. first, alex rodriguez hit the plate and he struck out swinging. rays take over first place with a 4-3 win. >>> it's a three-horse race for the nl west thanks to the surging rockies. troy tulowitzki hit a homer against the padres. think third multi hit game in a week. rockies won, 9-6. they're just 2 1/2 behind the first place padres. >>> great finish in cincinnati. diamondbacks down two. two outs in the ninth. adam laroche hits one high, he hit it deep. if it's out, it ties the game. jay hustled to the wall and robbed him of a homer. what a way to win it. reds win it in dramatic fashion, 7-5. >>> the heisman tru
. a rough night on the road to home. >> yeah, that's right, derek. a thursday. but it sure looks like friday out there on the roadway. you can see that on the outer loop, still jam packed here, all the way down to 66, no breakaway point for them for the commuters traveling on this route. on the inner loop though, a little better, carrying the better minimal delays onto the university boulevard. switch over to i-66. all those headlights coming towards you. so a lot of congestions to deal with here. and from over to the fairfax county parkway. you know, we love the nice weather. i'm blaming this for getting folks out of the house, heading out to dinner perhaps. derek, back to you. >> well, they are almost indestructible. now, experts say he could be in for a bit of the biblical invasion. a look at these tiny terrors coming up. >>> plus, in tonight's consumer alert, a popular sweep stake company. shelling out the big bucks. as the cash prize, they really like to avoid pain. that story is coming up next. knock knock. hey! it's finally ready. [ female announcer ] just because a counter looks clea
afternoon, derek. >>> they weren't set to open the doors until thursday morning. but after a successful test run, the lottery commissioner gave them the clear and they opened their doors and plenty of people opened their doors and plenty of training their luck. >> it's nice in there. i came here to win. >> reporter: it's a 34,000 square foot slot lover's dream. it's loaded with u-spin and "sex and the city." >> we have the newest games. we have some of the games that las vegas don't have. >> and while they won't have table games, they're trying to lure the gamblers with the electronic blackjack tables. and the show business theme lends itself to the latest movie promotions and they're really promoting maryland expected to generate hundreds of millions a year and creating 350 new jobs employing most of the people like nicki deal. >> i was fortunate to get the job. gladly, i didn't have to look too hard for it. >> the soft opening underway now, but officials here at the casino plan on having the official grand opening thursday where the governor will help ring in the official opening of the ca
if that plays out at all. >> thank you very much, kai. our complete coverage continues now with derek valcourt. >> reporter: it has been a slow night here. they are waiting for the results to come in. and of course bernstein is not here yesterday. he has spent his entire campaign. he's earned a lot of police support and plenty of endorsements. he's campaigned on tv, radio and in person. i asked her about her chances against jesemie. >> reporter: she's had a lot of endorsement, 15 years of experience. is that something easy to embark on. >> i won't be easy. but if we didn't think we could defeat her, we wouldn't have embarked. everybody is giving us the same answers, that they are tired of the crime. that they are ready for a change after 15 years and they want to see someone new. i think that's going to translate in the votes. >> reporter: we are listening to greg bernstein he has just walked into the room. he is greeting his supporters right now. he is telling supporters that he is going to be here for a short while and we will keep you posted on the latest. >> that was derek valcourt. a two
.n. for his annual visit next week. >>> still ahead on "way too early" live from washington, derek jeter, a man of unimpeachable character, pulls a fast one in the yankees crucial series for the rays. we'll show you how his acting job influenced the playoff race in major league baseball. yes, he fessed up to it afterwards. >>> and christine o'donnell on the nazis. a clip from her past comes back to haunt the most talked about politician in the country right now. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. [ tires screech ] [ engin
is what people are talking about tonight. >> wjz is staying on the story live at hopkins tonight. derek valcourt explains the doctor's condition is improving. >> reporter: orthopedic surgeon was shot by a son of a patient. >> shooting on nelson eight. >> there's a shooting in the hall way. >> reporter: moments before the gunshot, the doctor informed the son that the surgery did not go well. cohen was rushed into surgery and survived. >> he was my knight in shining armour. that's why i was so devastated to hear of the horror that happened to him. >> reporter: former patient susan revanock credits cohen for her health. >> i shutter to think of what my back would be like without cohen's help. >> reporter: ron gold critics ben hopkins security. incidents of violence o the rise in u.s. hospitals, especially in emergency rooms. >> those kind of very emotional traumatic injuries are often bring out. sometimes the very worse this people as they are trying to cope. whether a very difficult set of circumstances. >> reporter: meanwhile his patients wish him a speedy recovery. >> i just wish him a
of maryland's most notorious drug operations is behind bars this afternoon. derek val court is live in the newsroom with more on the arrests. good afternoon, derek. >> hi, jessic a. 26-year-old steve blackwell was arrested on heroin distribution charges. prosecutors say blackwell was at the center of a heroin wing, stretching from maryland to new york, all the way to the dominican republic. the operation has also been linked to several acts of violence. they say two years ago, rival dealers got his brothers, who then retaliated with a fatal shooting in east baltimore. authorities now hope to seize $10 million in assets. >> the goal here is to make sure that drug dealers are not able to profit at all in their enterprises. >> 34-year-old tahirra carter and 24-year-old joy edison are also charged with involveletment and -- involvement and drug distribution. >> all four face a maximum of life in prison on the charge. >>> a man thought drowned two years ago was actually murdered. 22-year-old engish gupta was found dead in the water in 2008. police arrested 28-year-old wayne black yesterd
hours this holiday weekend to try to make up for the delay. derek ward has the story. the labor day weekend has been a weekend of laborious days for dmv employees in virginia. a massive computer glitch created a backlog of applications for driver's licenses and i.d.'s after the system went down. some customers learned of the problems and didn't go at all. others began their processes only to be called back after lost data was recovered to learn that thousands of licenses and i.d. photos were recoverable. some found it a little frustrating. >> you expect to have the -- everything done that day, and then you can't, have you to come back, and spend another day doing this same thing. >> reporter: the usual weekend crowds were joined with returnees. this man was joined by a person whose process began before the computer crashed. they're on their third trip to the dmv. >> computers are down, and then when are they expected to get back? maybe tuesday, maybe wednesday. you're back here again on saturday. hopefully it will be done today. >> in addition to the sunday hours, 14 dmv locations i
and a phone call from boyfriend derek jeters i would imagine that finally calmed kelly down. >> i don't blame her. she paid extra to put the dog in the seat. >> not when you -- >> is it that much -- >> follow the rules. you've got derek jeter. what else do you want? be happy. >> this comes to us from wnbc 4 new york where out of tragedy hopefully comes healing. construction workers at the world trade center site installed a 50-ton steel column salvaged from the september 11th attacks in new york city. the support beam will serve as part of the entryway to the future 9/11 memorial and museum being built to forever commemorate the world trade center ground zero site and those who tragically lost their lives there. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. >> good morning, everyone. i'm tony pann. things will be fairly quiet. a little front will come through this morning. we're picking up a few light showers in the mountains. those could progress around baltimore and still put a 30% chance on something this morning. today a mixture of
a career high with 12 strikeouts. derek lowe was just in one of those zones. top of the first, lowe gets ian. then they throw their second to cch danny espinoza stealing. just the start of it for lowe. >> really? >> why did you say really? >> lowe strikes out 12 nationals over eight innings of work. ian desmond struck outour times toight. >>> they didn't fare so well in the bottom of the second following two walks. dek lee scored easily. it was part of a four-run second for atlanta. derek lowe shuts the nationals down from there. they dropped their sixth grame n a row 4-0 to the braves. sad. >> how come they don't have nobody in the stands? >> people are watching football. that's why. if they were smart, they would have hd video and you could act like you're not watching it. >> thanks, lindsay. >> you're [music throughout] hi, homei'm home. genuine glee. just $14.99 and $79.99. find what makes you happy at a price that makes you homegoods happy. announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented (music playing) garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty bags
being traded for money, jobs, and groceries? here's derek ward. >> reporter: the latest allegations stem from saturday, the last day of early voting for the primaries. as it was explained to him, people started showing up at the southeast polling place asking about gift cards. a story evolved that it was being offered by someone with the gray campaign. they say voters were being offered gift cards. many campaign workers went to investigat investigate. >> they found there was a whole group of people being told if they went and voted they would get a gift card and the people doing it were either volunteers affiliates or employees of my opponent's campaign. >> can i get a giant gift card to vote? >> it's not to vote. >> what are we getting it for? >> for lunch or for dinner. >> we can certainly identify no one in our campaign who has anything to do with any gift cards. the person involved in the video said something about nonpartisan. >> no, we're nonpartisan. you can vote for whoever. you can vote for yourself. >> if anybody running a campaign gives a gift card or a free lunch to a worker
.com. >>> a relic of a catholic saint is taking up a new temporary home here in washington. derek mcginty tells us about st. john bosco. >> he's large and a bit imposing, but in life he was all about the least of us. he is st. john bosco, don bosco to those in the know and these days he's a wax figure and urn arriving on the steps of the national shrine including bones and tissues from his body buried in italy. >> many people don't have the opportunity to go to italy. >> reporter: he was born in 1850 and made it his business to look out for the young people suffering on the dark side of the industrial revolution. >> young people were treated like trash and abused. >> reporter: this father is the local coordinator for the relic's stop in dc. the saint's been on a world wide tour since 2009 in celebration of his upcoming 200th birthday in 2015. >> to welcome the founder, which is my here roan and inspiration to young people which i have dedicated my life to. >> reporter: it rests inside of a glass urn surrounded by a cart made of wood an metal and weighs 1800-pounds. >> we had to re
. >> that just resonated with me, and i realized that i was living those days remembering derek in pain, when i should have been remembering him with joy. oprah: so trudy, her husbandil,o phil, and their son jonathan are here, and you wanted to say something to nate? >> yes, nate. i wish i was here thanking you for a makeover or thanking you for somet but you gave me a personal makeover, and, um, i just want to thank you. oprah: trudy, phil, and jonathan are signing the no phone zone pledge today in honor of their son derek, who died while driving and talking on his cell phone, but next year, i'm going to see if we can't get--you know, add the romeo clause to our no phone zone pledge. because what the romeos did was to have their son jonathan sign a pledge back 2008 saying, "i will drive a car always being responsible, drive the car with sound mind, and never under any influences, anger, rushing, speeding, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, obey the laws of driving, never overload the car with passengers, always notify my parents if i get a ticket, never talk or text while driving, respect the privile
the backup. he was supposed to be in the starting role. the cards replaced him with derek anderson. >>> he wasn't a lock for the starting rotation in spring training and began the season on the disabled list. cahill had a chance to take it one step further. the a's and angels. cahill tried to become the first oakland pitcher in three years to win 15 games in a season. going to need help from his lineup. bottom one, no score. jack cust. derek barton scores all the way from second. beats the throw. 1-0 a's. a's with another single. this time cliff pennington. brings home rog davis. the damage was done. 2-0 a's. cahill wins. >>> another rough outing for barry zito. he lost his fifth consecutive start. luckily for the giant they will try to bounce back with the help of one of their most consistent starters, matt cain. san francisco is three games behind the padres. by the end of the day the end could be two. san diego's free fall continued thanks to the rockies. carlos gonzalez. scores two off lou gregorson. 6-2 cardinals. the padres lose their ninth in a row. this is a team it didn't seem cou
with animals. der being valcourt is -- derek valcourt is following the controversy for us. >> the defendant claims he beat his small dog after it bit his wife in the hand. but today, it's the judge's sentence for the punishment that many are calling doggone ridiculous. >> reporter: too graphic, so we blurred the image of this 4- year-old miniature pincher beaten to death by derrick chambers. in august, chambers was charged with several counts of animal cruelty, after crews found the dog tied up in a garbage bag in the bed of the truck. >> this was a case we thought called out for punishment. >> reporter: the head of the task force was upset to learn that this week, a city judge agreed to the defense request to drop the case if chambers performed 50 hours of community service, volunteering at the maryland spca. the stunned head of the spca says no way. >> it is our job to protect animals. so this volunteer service will be denied. >> we were just incredibly frustrated that the state attorney's office chose not to prosecute a case where there was just overwhelming evidence to convict the perpe
city. . >> welcome back. kevin durant is leading the u.s. in the final. derek rose to durant and the christian hits the three. one of seven trays on the day. u.s. is up 35-42. next possession for team america push it up and give it to who else, durant who nailed the pull up three. he finished with 38 points and named tournament many mvp. he shared a hug with the coach who finally gets his world title. the u.s. wins 81-64. it is the first world championship since 1994. and that win qualifies the team for the 2012 olympics. >>> and one really quick update. the red skins are leading now the score is 13-7 with less than a minute to go. that is all the time we have for tonight's show. thank you for joining us and letting us be a part of your weekend. thank you rich gun and heather schwartz. have a good night, everybody.
was shot dead by police. wjz is live. derek valcourt has more on the history of protesting the network. derek? >> reporter: in fact, he was arrested after protesting there just two years ago. as part of his probation. he was ordered to stay away from the discovery channel building. but that probation ended just two weeks ago. >> reporter: for years, james lee argued the discovery channel needed to change its tune, in order to save the earth. but on wednesday, his environmental protest, took a violent turn. as the 43-year-old entered the company's silver spring headquarters, armed with a gun and with home made bombs, strapped to his body. he took two employees and a security guard hostage. >> for the next four hours, we are on the phone with this guy, negotiating with him. >> reporter: montgomery county police chief, thomas manger tells wjz that negotiations were not going well, as s.w.a.t. teams moved in. >> hostages began to move. his attention was diverted from talking to us on the phone toward the hostages. he shouted. the officers heard a pop. and whether that was him firing off hi
of rain is possible. we'll have a lot or coming up. >> thank you. we continue with derek valcourt. he has more on the local preparations. derek? >> reporter: emergency management officials all over the state will be keeping a very close eye on rising water levels over the next day or so then they say they are preparing for this storm. they say so should you. in neighborhoods like this, frequent flooding and residents know it can get tricky quickly. >> a couple of my buddies basically got their cars completely destroyed because of the rain. i try to stay away from here if i know it's going to rain. >> so you keep a close eye on it. >> you have to. >> clogged and overgrown drains can cause flooding. with more than 50,000 drains, the city needs the public's help. >> if you have an inlet in front of your house, the biggest weapon you have is really a broom. just go out there. sweep that material up and put it in the trash can. >> reporter: concerns are high. crews in anne arundel also trying to prevent problems and asking marylanders everywhere to be prepared. >> if there is flooding and torr
. so on or off? we should find out tomorrow. maybe. derek and anita. >> thanks, gary. i appreciate it. >>> also new tonight, the threat to burn the muslim holy book has brought out all sorts of people out of the woodwork. a church has decided it would like a piece of the action. they say if jones backs off his promise, they'll happily torch some because they hate muslims as well as gays. >> the west borrow church is saying they are well known for saying homosexuality is wrong. >>> carnage the tonight. >> a woman walked in and opened fire. after the shooting she called 911 on her cell phone from inside and turned herself in. no word. again, we do believe two people have been killed. officers say about 100 were in the plant at the time of the shooting. all have now cleared out. craft hasn't released a statement so far and we don't even know for sure if the shooter is, in fact, an employee. >>> new at 11:00, don't ask, don't tell. i don't buy it says a federal judge in southern california. tonight that judge has declared the pentagon's ban on openly gay unconstitutional and she has grant
cleared up at all? >> reporter: well derek, let's assess the scene. we are a couple of yards south of where the accident took place. the state highway truck is blocking the fly-over ramp, the ramp on which the bus was traveling before it left the road. the fly-over ramp used for h.o.v. traffic at rush hour is now closed as a result, and everyone is forced into the main line of i-270. you can see the cars a bit elevated, that's rock ledge drive as people are trying to deal with the beltway closed in terms of coming north on 270 making alternate routes and coming down rock ledge to join the traffic. it has been hellacious for drivers here. this is how it was explained by a police officer on the scene. we are on the fly-over ramp, that the bus was traveling on just before it left the road. as you walk up or drive up this fly-over ramp, to the left there is a guard rail similar to those that you see along many roads. guard rail, if we can come over this way, it looks exactly like this. this one is rusted but it seems to be pretty firm. i'll ask our photographer to do something difficul
. meantime, suray chin is live in vienna where folks are on edge there as well. >> derek, as soon as you came to me, it just started pouring down rain. didn't have enough time to get my hat. it is coming down pretty hard. we do know that the street that was flooded is just down the road from here and residents here are just saying, and so is this guy right here, here we go again. this is what it looked like on many streets that flooded. a merry-go-round of cars at low lying areas from anandale to vienna. those that took the chance found out the hard way and abandoned the cars all together. rising water over flowed over old court road. basically all along. roads flooded, bricks remembers flood waters in the backyard of this house. high waters turned it into a lake. but today -- >> last month it was the second big flood they've had here, so this time it was not quite so bad. so it's always a sigh of relief. >> people get crazy, but it hasn't been that bad so far. >> not so bad so far, but did they speak too soon? now the rain is coming down and it is not expected to stop for many, many
. derek landini's office in 2008. more than 50 cases of doggy flu. why isn't there a flu vaccine for dogs? >> it came out after the fact. >> reporter: in east, new york, new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts, pennsylvania, north carolina, and florida have seen pet outbreaks. washington, d.c., ohio, oregon, washington state, and california are also canine flu hot spots. how do you know if that your dog is sick? >> we keep our eye on dogs that have symptoms. lack of appetite, coughing, not feeling good. >> reporter: you may be able to see it in their eyes or feel it as their cold noses get hot. and if they nose around the park, they may spread the illness. the flu virus flies through droplets when dogs sneeze or interact. the flu shot is not required. but if you travel with your pet, you can take the precaution. >> they do recommend initially two sets of shots two to four weeks apart. then the booster annually. >> the shot costs about 25-30 bucks. you can't catch it from your dog. you just may want to keep them protected. >> dogs don't like looking at the needles either. >> i don't either.
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